Synergy Healthcare

About Us

Synergy Healthcare is Belfast’s leading complimentary health Centre and is situated on the Cregagh Road (just off the Knock Dual Carriageway A55).

We endeavour to provide:

  • An alternative choice in healthcare
  • An individual based personal service
  • A wide extensive range of complementary therapies
  • A friendly, relaxed but professional approach to healthcare

At Synergy Healthcare we recognize that each individual’s response to disease, environmental pollutants/toxins, emotional and psychological stress varies.

We are all born with a different genetic make-up, energy levels and flow. Consequently we realize that where one therapy may work well for one individual it may not give the same results for another.

Why this is, remains a mystery that may never be answered.

The human body is not a machine but a complicated evolving system which doctors, scientists and therapists are still a long way off from fully understanding.

We at Synergy Healthcare do not claim to be “miracle workers” and cannot guarantee that we can cure every person that comes though our door. However what we can guarantee is that we will have a very determined approach in trying our utmost to improve the health and well being of each individual that we treat.