Synergy Healthcare


“I was addicted to Diet Coca-Cola, drinking several two litre bottles a day. I tried everything I could to break the habit but with just one session with Ryan I have never touched it since, nor do I feel the need to drink it. Ryan helped me and they were so professional. I would recommend this to anyone.”
Michelle, Newtownabbey

“My wife Jean is absolutely thrilled, and so am I, now that I’m finally able to quit smoking. Hypnosis really works. It’s amazing.”
JK, Newcastle

“On previous attempts to stop smoking I always found it difficult. With hypnosis there was no pain just a determination to succeed.”
Michael, County Down

“Many thanks Ryan for helping me conquer my anxiety in exam nerves. I have just completed my masters and I feel that I have the resources to achieve my goals.”
Sean, Belfast

“Hypnosis with Ryan has been different in that not only did they help me to lose weight but also to keep it off. I have recommended them to others.”
Mr S from Downpatrick

“I developed a very irritating itch on my skin in Autumn 2010 and bought numerous lotions and potions but to no avail. I attended my GP who dismissed my complaint by telling me that I most certainly had an allergy to Fake Tan and advised me to stop using it at once.

At this stage my skin was raw from continually itching and I found it difficult to sleep at night and persistently scratched my skin during the day.

In desperation I contacted Helen McGinn and made an appointment for a consultation. Helen was extremely professional and quickly was able to diagnose the problem :- I was allergic to Barley, which I had been eating in soups, and also white flour.

Helen recommended that I eliminate both products from my diet and advised that I take some health supplements to help my system recover. Within days I began to feel better and noticed the itch became less intense. Two weeks later I had completely recovered and owe my recovery in no small part to Helens professionalism.

I will most certainly visit Helen again and would advise anyone with an on-going health complaint to make an appointment – you will not be disappointed.”
O McKinley, County Armagh

“I have been attending Helen McGinn to help treat acne scarring on my chin and also scarring left on my top lip from electrolysis. It has taken around 6 sessions to start to see a positive change. The scarring is not as deep and a lot of the pores that were previously enlarged are starting to close in. There is also a general improvement in the tone of my skin and I am looking forward to seeing the results from further sessions.”
Christine B, Dundalk

“I started to attend Synergy Healthcare in 2007 as I was suffering from constant fatigue and my local G.P could not do anything for me. I have received a few different treatments while attending the clinic. I had injections and supplements to remove the heavy toxic metals that were in my body and causing me to suffer from constant fatigue.
I also attended for Colonic Irrigation which also helped to remove toxins from my body.
When I first attended Synergy Healthcare in 2007 I was not able to climb the stairs in my own house. I am now back to work, feeling much better and enjoying a much better standard of living thanks to the treatment that I received from the team at Synergy Healthcare”

L.Newell, Annalong

“I came to Synergy Healthcare in June 2006 with Ulcerative Colitis having been diagnosed with it 2 years before. At that time I was very sick, weak and underweight – my weight was about 45 kg and I was in a lot of pain. Having part of my bowels removed seemed to have been the only way out. After a few tests he explained to me that my body was unable to function properly not just due to my Ulcerative Colitis but also due to a lot of heavy metals. To date Dr Magee is the only practitioner I know who was concerned about the reasons behind my sickness rather than with just the symptoms of it. I was put on an appropriate diet, recommended some probiotics and food supplements and in a few months I was gaining weight, strength and my Colitis symptoms were slowly diminishing. Just over two years into the treatment at the clinic I went for a regular check up to a hospital and for an endoscopy scan. I was told by the surgeon that my bowels did not look like those of an Ulcerative Colitis patient and he did not understand that I was ever diagnosed with such a disease.
I still continue with my diet and some food supplements and I feel healthier than I have felt in years. Looking back at where I was 4 years ago and where I am now, the results are amazing and Dr Magee is definitely the only practitioner I trust 100% with my health”

Z.Kilmova, Belfast

“Synergy Healthcare was able to find the reason for my Chronic Fatigue and treat it! On arrival at Synergy Healthcare I was impressed with the thorough, comprehensive and understanding manner in which Dr. Magee conducted the initial consultation. The results of my urine toxic metal test as recommended by Dr. Magee showed high levels of Lead and other heavy metals in my body. I was advised to follow a detoxification programme that would help to eliminate these. It consisted of nutritional support and a course of EDTA intravenous chelation. I was also advised to check for levels of Lead in the water supply to my house. This proved to be dangerously high and so the old Lead piping was replaced. The immediate improvements in my energy levels and the results of the re-test have proven that the levels of heavy metals are well reduced. Overall I feel so much better and continue to attend the clinic to maintain my health”
P.Jardine, County Down

“It was obvious to me in 2002 that I was losing my good health! After exhaustive tests my G.P. concluded that maybe I should consider seeing a psychiatrist as he was sure there was nothing wrong with me. Eventually I found Synergy Healthcare where it was discovered that I had 150 times more Mercury in my body than I should have. They created a programme for me that restored my good health. Later my G.P. wondered how this had taken place and when I shared with him how, he remarked that he knew nothing about Mercury toxicity and would have had no protocol that would have helped me. Thank you Synergy Healthcare!”
S.Watton, Maghera

“For me Synergy Healthcare is what medicine should be – an holistic approach, focused on finding and treating the cause of ill health.The clinic has an open and welcoming atmosphere with extremely professional and friendly staff. I would highly recommend it.”
P.L.McDowell, Belfast

“Synergy Healthcare provided the treatments which gave me my life back!
After years of living a hectic lifestyle and not appreciating that modern day food contained more chemicals and junk than nutrition, I became overburdened with toxic waste to the point where I was very ill and, without exaggerating, at death’s door. Conventional medicine had no answers other than to add to my toxic overload with more pharmaceutical chemicals. Synergy Healthcare enabled me to reduce my heavy metal toxicity and to eliminate the buildup of toxic waste from my colon. After six treatments of colonic hydrotherapy one miraculous result was that my mind cleared. The brain fog that had robbed me of my ability to think, concentrate and make decisions had gone. I continue to improve and continue to detox in a meaningful manner with Synergy Healthcare.
I cannot thank Synergy Healthcare enough!”

R.S., Belfast

“I have been attending Synergy Healthcare for Colonic Hydrotherapy for the last number of years. From the moment you enter you are made to feel at ease in a relaxed and caring environment. The staff are all friendly and very welcoming. The treatment is carried out by a qualified practitioner who talks to me throughout and explains if there have been any noticeable changes since my last visit. She also provides me with information on foods to avoid or to include in my diet. Nutritional and food supplements are also available, with advice on the products that are beneficial. With Synergy Healthcare you get the whole package which is why I always return”
P.Gardiner, County Down

“I have suffered since I was 17 with severe tiredness, stomach pains and bloating. It was suggested by different medical doctors that it was possibly allergies, IBS or perhaps it was “all in my head”. None of them were able to help me. I spent a lot of time and money on different therapies and treatments but to no avail as no one was able to diagnose what was wrong. Following my own research and suspicions that I may have Candida, I went to Synergy Healthcare for a course of colonics. Nurse Lucy Scott was very understanding and recommended that I should have a consultation with their practitioners, Dr Magee and Dr McDermott . They diagnosed my problem as severe chronic fatigue and recommended foods to eat and avoid, nutritional support, Colonics and Ozone therapy to address the causes of my condition. Since I went to Synergy Healthcare I no longer feel isolated and alone as other patients are being treated for similar conditions at the clinic. The practitioners recognize the real problem and try to find out the reason for it. My tiredness is now a lot better. Dr Magee, Dr Mc Dermott and Nurse Lucy Scott are all very nice people and are very helpful”
Janet, Dromore

“After conquering the peak of Mount Everest in 2006, my training took a back seat in my life. Before the London marathon in 2008 I was concerned about my motivation to train. I went to see Ryan at AKL Hypnotherapy Solutions and he helped me to refocus my mind and gave me extra confidence. I would highly recommend the services provided by AKL Hypnotherapy Solutions”
N.Elliott, Mount Everest Climber/Marathon runner

“Body Stress Release is extremely powerful. I had regular migraines and was put on betablockers, but the migraines continued. I was introduced to Body Stress Release and my practitioner established that it was coming from my neck and lower back… the migraines are completely gone and have been now for 10 years. I cannot recommend Body Stress Release highly enough”
Jude S., Teacher

“In the past I have gone to other types of ‘therapy’ which haven’t helped me or in some cases made me worse! My CBT sessions with Jill have been the most helpful by far and have made the most positive changes in my life”

“Jill believed in me: her CBT sessions helped me to move on and did so much to aid my recovery”
Claire, Belfast

“After attending for a session of Colonic Hydrotherapy at Synergy Healthcare it was suggested I may have problems with some foods I was eating. I booked in for Organ and Food Sensitivity Testing with Helen McGinn. The test was so straight forward, simple and pain free and my results were given to me there and then! I was told what foods to avoid and whether my organs were functioning properly and given advice on supplements that might help. I have followed the advice and so long as I am “good” I rarely suffer from any of my former gut related problems. For me it has most definitely been money and time well spent. Thank you Synergy Healthcare!”
Kim T., Belfast

“I always thought that “aging” was a natural process and when it happened I would just embrace it. Plastic Surgery for me was never an option – too invasive, too risky, too expensive and often with quite unnatural looking results. However, when I read about cosmetic acupuncture, I was intrigued by the thought that my own body might hold the key to staying youthful looking for longer. After just a few sessions I was surprised at how many of my friends and colleagues were remarking on how well I looked and joking had I “had work done”! (I hadn't told anyone I was trying cosmetic acupuncture.)My skin felt wonderful and looked somehow radiant. I definitely feel it has knocked a few years off and would definitely recommend it!”
S.T.M., Drogheda

“I went to Ros Chambers for a session of facial rejuvenation and on a pain level it wasn't as nice as a facial, but not as painful as plucking your eyebrows and once the needles were in a wonderful sense of calmness overcame me – it was then a pleasure to relax for 20 -30 minutes and let the needles do their work. The sensation afterwards was lovely and my face felt wonderfully warmed, as though I had just spent a day in the sunshine. The next day at least five people, none of whom were aware that I had had a treatment, said to me that I looked wonderful. Bizarrely all of them, in isolation of each other, said that I looked 'radiant'. Now in my world that is not a word you hear bandied around much, unless you happen to be at a wedding!”
Roisin Armstrong, Holywood

“I’m not fond of needles as a rule, but was very keen on trying any treatment which promised younger, fresher skin without side effects. Recently I have become much more open to holistic treatments and complementary medicine, and can immediately recommend facial rejuvenation acupuncture with Ros Chambers as a real stress-buster, a virtually pain-free investment in skin boosting. A group of friends at dinner the following night noticed the difference immediately. No-one ever comments on my skin, but three different friends said how radiant it looked – without prompting! I felt like it moisturised my skin from the inside and gave me glowing cheeks and eyes”
Cathy Martin, Belfast

“When I was given a gift voucher to have reflexology with Maggie I did not know what to expect, as I had no previous experience of this complementary therapy. I found that Maggie's friendly manner and interest in me as a person really helped to put me at ease. My first reflexology session was deeply relaxing and I began to book in for regular treatments.
One of the first benefits I noticed was a deeper and improved sleeping pattern. This was followed by feeling more energised a day or two later. I have also found that regular reflexology with Maggie has helped eliminate fluid retention around my ankles and fingers, and has reduced a feeling of bloating. I am also less “stuck” in my ability to make decisions.
I now consider reflexology to be part of my lifestyle, as I have found the cumulative effect of having it regularly has a positive effect on me as a whole. I would definitely recommend reflexology to anyone and suggest they go with an open mind to its potential benefits.”

Christine, Belfast

“Having had irregular periods since I was a teenager, I would often go six months without having a period. I was worried that this would affect my chances of conceiving, I began having regular reflexology treatments and within a short time my cycle became regular. I feel that the relaxation and the regulation of my cycle helped me to conceive.
I had reflexology the day I was in labour and I feel that this helped me to both relax and focus on the birth. The blends which Sal uses are tailored to your individual needs and I found the smells of the oils up lifting”

Victoria, Belfast

“When I first decided to have an Iridology consultation, I had no idea what to expect. A friend of mine had went to Sal for a consultation and told me that, as a result, she had gained great insight into many aspects of her health, both physically and emotionally.
I was fascinated by the fact that examining the iris of the eye could somehow relate to health, diet and lifestyle. Sal treated me in a unique way and somehow was able to identify areas of my health which I already had suspicions about. I was suffering from Candida, a yeast infection in my intestine and hadn't been feeling well and always felt tired. Following Sals advice I made changes to my diet and now feel so much better as a result”

Mark, Banbridge